Our Crew

Our Crew

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Baby Shower for Micah

Ok, I have tried several times to post pictures of my baby shower on here, but for some weird reason blogger will NOT let me upload pictures from my mom's camera. I don't have any pictures of the shower because I let my mom take all of them. I have NO idea why it won't let me upload them. UGH!
My shower was P-E-R-F-E-C-T! I am serious! Ashley, Kimberly, and Lisa Collins hosted it. It was at Ashley's house. When you walked in on Ashley's foyer piece of furniture there were glass jars shaped as stars. They were full of chocolate dipped pretzels that were party favors for everyone. There was a table full of WONDERFUL food. Above the table Ashley had the letter "M" hanging from the chandelier with blue and brown ribbon. We had punch and cute glasses that had blue/brown polka dot ribbon tied to each glass. The Lord has blessed me with some great friends here in Austin. There was about 20 women there and it was so fun. The BEST part was when Ashley had everyone pass around a book of cards that she made. Each card was a topic to pray over Micah. What was even better was that Micah was there to be prayed over and to share with us this great celebration of him in our lives. The theme of everything was blue/brown. Anyways, I loved loved loved it! If I can upload some pictures I will! Thanks Ashley, Kimberly, and Lisa! Thanks SO much!!


Shawn Virginia said...

oh my gosh- your kids have so much hair!

Kristy said...

Hi! I am so glad it went so well! By the way, I have something to send you...I just need your address. I never wrote it down from Christmas!!!