Our Crew

Our Crew

Monday, February 9, 2009


So, this post has no pictures. I think I posted enough pictures earlier for the month! Ha! No...I will post more later. This post is about a conversation I had with my mom last week. My mom and dad are currently living with us, well sorta. My mom is here some and in B'ham some until they sell their house. My dad is permanently living at my house until they sell their house(which we are believing will be soon!). My mom has been here for a few weeks now. She has completely decorated my house, hung pictures, organized my garage and pantry, and many many more things. Thank GOODNESS! Because when I was 9 months pregnant I was very very slow! And there was no way any of that was getting done before I had Micah. Because of my wonderful mom I was able to come home from the hospital to a nice, warm, clean, decorated, candle scented home. Anyways, the conversation I was talking about went like this.

Me: Mom, having two kids has really not been that hard. It really has been pretty easy.

Mom: Well, you haven't really done the grocery shopping, cleaning the house, the laundry, errands, cook dinner, etc.

Me: Oh yeah. I forgot about all that stuff. Man!!!

Me thinking in the middle of the night while nursing Micah: She is so right...mom and dad or Derek even gets up in the mornings with Parker. I have NO idea what it is like having two kids. All I have done so far is feed Micah in the middle of the night. Everything else has been done for me. DANGIT!! What am I going to do when my mom leaves??!?

I have tried to kick it into gear since we had that conversation. I have taken the boys to the pediatricians office by myself. Today I ventured to Walmart by myself. My friend, Jessica, gave me the idea(from her blog) to front pack Micah and let Parker sit in the front seat of the cart. It went great! A lot better than if I would have put Parker in the back. Whew! There would have been groceries everywhere!!

So, this post is all in thanks to my sweet, wonderful mom who has been a lifesaver for me and Derek!! One morning we even got bacon and biscuits for breakfast. I am sure Derek will miss my mom when she leaves too.

THANKS Mom and Dad!!! We love you and appreciate you!!

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