Our Crew

Our Crew

Monday, February 23, 2009

My little drummer boy

Tyler's 8th Birthday was on Sunday. We had his birthday party on Saturday though. Anyways, Tyler, if you didn't know is an awesome drummer! For his birthday he got a new set of drums. His old set was a small set for when he was younger. Because, Ashley and Jeremy know about Parker's love for music, they gave Parker Tyler's old drumset. Jeremy says that the way Parker is about music is how Tyler was at that age. Tyler is so talented...it makes me excited for Parker. Our good friends(who is also the worship pastor at Free Chapel), Jason and Paige Martin came over last night to help Derek reassemble the drumset. Today was the first day Parker was able to play with his drums. It was like it was Parker's birthday. I am NOT kidding! HE LOVES THEM! He played with them all day and if we were gone he talked about them.

Parker and his new drums.

So professional! :)

Parker and his buddy(cousin) Blake. Parker loves it when his cousins stop by randomly to visit(living down the street gives them the opportunity to pop in every now and then while playing outside). Blake is so sweet and plays with Parker every time he comes over. He feels like such a big boy when he is with Blake.

Parkers other favorite instrument. His "tar". Oh and don't forget about his "pi-ick". So stinkin cute!

Oh, just watching the garbage truck go down the street. Parker is all boy and loves everything boys love! Trucks, sports, music!

Everyone seems to have these pictures. I felt the need to have one too. Parker plays with all of Micah's toys. The bouncy seat is one that he enjoys!

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