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Our Crew

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hanging out with Parker Poo

Here are LOTS of pictures of Parker just being Parker. He is so funny these days and very verbal! He says everything and anything(including "gosh!" if he hears me say it..he says it very clearly and several times over again because he knows I get onto him for it). He is doing really good with Micah. He had some tough days there at first but Derek took a day off of work and we had family time. Parker has been completely back to normal since then. He loves loves to kiss Micah all the time. Including while I am nursing...it is then that he wants to kiss Micah about 30 times!!!
Parker loves loves loves balls! He wants me to throw with him all the time...while nursing(for which he says "head" looking at Micah's head...I have to say no throw on micah's head!), and on the computer...or whenever. He loves his police car that he rides in that Mama Lynn and Papa K got him for Christmas and his guitar. He wants to be outside at all times. Living in this house is so wonderful and makes it so much easier for me to take Parker outside. He loves to play with the older girls who live in the neighborhood. He holds the bucket that the chalk goes in while they are coloring on the sidewalk. He calls them "girls" and also calls one girl "sexy"...her name is Lexi! He loves Lexi!! He also loves to play with tools and put things up and together. I think he might be a handyman when he gets older. Ha!
He is going to the doctor on Friday for a checkup and shot. He hasn't had a check up in FOREVER! So...we will see how much he weighs and how tall he is. He minds well..but there has been times where I have to get up while nursing to get onto him. Oh well..this is the time to be consistent. Ok...here are lots of pictures!!

This vest was Derek's vest when he was about Parker's age! Parker loves those cowboy boots too. He loves to jump in them on the hardwood floors because of the noise they make.

Parker thinks that he can hold up fake phones...or anything for that matter and point it at me and say "cheese!" with his face all scrunched up! That would be the reason for all the pictures with the scrunchy face. Ha ha!

Here is my little painter. Parker loves to put the highlighters or tools in his pocket of his overalls. Derek showed him how to do that. :)

Love this outfit on Parker!

Kissing my belly just a few days before Micah was born.

Showing his belly...his is cuter than Mommies!

Hanging out with Daddy!

Derek will get down on his knees and Parker will run to him as fast as he can and Derek will fall down. Parker LOVES it! It is so cute! Even if Parker is saying "no" he can't resist to run to Derek when he does that. Ha ha!

How about those shoes? Once again...Parker wearing shoes(not matching ones) that he loves to walk around in and hear the noise of him walking in them.

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