Our Crew

Our Crew

Friday, February 13, 2009

Do I live in a small town or is Walmart and Regions just not real busy!?

Today I went to the pediatrician AGAIN! Yay...you forget how often you have to go with a new baby. Today I made an appointment for both boys. Parker needed a shot and a checkup and Micah had his 2 week checkup scheduled. Parker weighed 28 lbs and Micah weighed 8lbs 15oz. Parker is in the 70th percentile for weight and 15th for height!! He needs to hit a growth spurt. Ha! Dr. Spencer said that Parker didn't look short to him...but the measurements let us know that he is a tad short right now. It was a little crazy getting both boys undressed, weighed, measured, and looked at by the doctor. All while filling out paperwork and making sure Parker didn't tear the office to pieces. :) Sweet Micah just chilled out. It was so crazy that Dr. Spencer decided to help me out by strolling Parker down to the lab while I held Micah. Ha! That is so nice of him! All in all it was a great experience. This is the second time I have been to this doctor and today made me happy. Dr. Spencer and the whole staff was great! God is the reason we even got in with this doctor.
The REAL reason for my title is this. After the doctor's appointment we had errands to run. We had to go to two banks and Walmart. At our first stop...Regions...I went through the drive thru. The teller, actually all the tellers, there know Derek and me because of SquareCow and our personal account is with them. The teller was so excited to see me because she hadn't seen me since I had Micah. We also moved further away from this bank so I haven't been there in a while. Parker had a little conversation with her through the speakers and she sent him candy. I promised to bring Micah inside next week sometime. I, then, went across the street to Walmart. I had two employees stop me and say "OHHH!!! You had your baby!!!". Ha ha! This is cracking me up because two things: Apparently Regions and Walmart are not very busy. AND I go to these places WAY too often since they all know me!!! Austin is a big city. It is not like we live in a small town. I mean, it is a Super Walmart for crying outloud! I, however, enjoyed this experience. It made me feel so good and at home. Everyone from the pediatricians office, to regions, to walmart was so nice to me today. It has been a good day. Now...I am off to take a nap. :)


Kristy said...

Too Funny! I understand the bank but Super Walmart? You must have gone there like everyday! That is hilarious!

KelleyGreen said...

Wow...that's impressive in Austin! I'm also impressed you did the doctor's office with both boys by yourself...not sure I would have attempted that! It was great talking with you yesterday :)