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Our Crew

Sunday, February 15, 2009

"cry it out"

Why is it that with Parker I was so strict about scheduling, wake time, nap time. And with Micah I am a little more of a sucker? Don't get me wrong...Micah is still very much on a schedule. But, for some reason if he is crying and is not supposed to be awake I go in there. Why??! When I know he is fine(he has burped, pooped, clean diaper, etc.). Having a toddler forces me to be more flexible with Micah. Last night I fed Micah at 9:30pm and he didn't wake up until 2am to eat again. I fed him and laid him back down. About 20 min. later he was crying. I went in there held him to see if he needed to poop, tried burping him(which he NEVER does at night), and gave him Mylicon(sp?) drops. Laid him back down. Shortly after he was crying again. I went in there(should NOT have done)...held him for a split second and realized that he was just awake. He was looking around...happy as a lark when I held him. It didn't take me long to realize this so I immediately said "you are going to have to cry it out buddy, it is night night time." I went to bed to hear him cry for maybe 3 min...I think it was more like 2 whole min. He was out after that. Why was it so hard to him cry for 2 MINUTES? I ALMOST went back in there. But he stopped and I was happy. He didn't wake up again until 6:30am.
I always tell my friends who ask me for advice to let your baby cry it out at an early age. Because if you cater to them and then decide to let them cry it out when they are older, the longer they will cry. I would rather hear Micah cry it out for 2 minutes now rather than 2 hours later on. Parker hardly ever has to "cry it out" and if he does it is literally until I close the door. Thank goodness for Prep for Parenting(christian version of Babywise) for teaching me not to parent based off of my emotions. That is not how God parents us. I think I might need to read that chapter again. Just so I can stay strong. I am such a sucker for my boys!! :)



Kristy said...

I am glad I am not the only one. I always heard that you are more leanient (sp) after one but I always said I would not be that way. For some reason...it is! I am glad I am not the only one. Ava is on a schedule but I was not as strict with her as Ella.

Jenifer said...

so from day one home from the hospital you put micah in his own bed and after the night time feedings you just put him right back down? Do you wait 3 or 4 hours to feed hime again? E-mail me with the tips because I may try it out on barrett.

Andy, Meredith, and Austin said...

sister! i have just laughed out loud reading this post!! i could seriously just cut and paste it to my blog! we should chat onthe phone...not that either of us have time!