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Our Crew

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!! 2010

Happy Easter Everyone! ha, a little late...I know. :) Growing up my Mom and Dad hid our Easter Baskets in the house and on Easter morning we had to find them. They would play the Hot/Cold game with us. It was a lot of fun. So, this year was my first year to hide the boys baskets. I didn't play hot/cold with them because they are too young for that. But, I think P enjoyed it. M's basket was on the couch covered with a blanket and P's was under a table that sits in between two chairs.
I was in charge of Children's church on Easter Sunday. It was so rewarding. It was probably my favorite children's service I have ever done. It wasn't that great BUT I feel like the kids really understood the Easter story when they left.
That night we went to my brother's house for dinner. We all made breakfast food. My Mom made up this crazy game just for the adults. The kids went outside with a babysitter and we all played this game. Everyone had to search REALLY HARD for three eggs each and there were lots of questions and lots of rewards(candy, dr. pepper, giftcards, money). It was so fun even if my brother won about every prize. :) Mom did a great job! I expect to play that game every year(hint hint Mom!!)
All in All Easter was great. Celebrating Christs resurrection was on my mind the whole week before. P made resurrection bread with my sister and her boys. We read P the story of Jesus' resurrection from the Jesus Story Bible. After church we asked what P learned in church and he said "God and the stone" and "God made everything!" :) Thats what it is all about.

I like this picture a lot. P with his sweet smile in his cute Easter shirt.

M looking Southern! I still dress him Southern every week(not all the time...but at least once every week) despite the fact that people DO NOT dress their kids like that here in Austin. I can't help it...it is adorable!

I have no idea why I couldn't get a good clear picture. But, the fact that my husband is not ever with us on Sunday mornings to help me could have something to do with it. He helps set up and with the sound. So, girls out there...if you have to get your kids ready all by yourself, loaded in the car, and unloaded at church...you are not alone. My sister and I both do it EVERY Sunday!

M and P waiting in our bed for us to get everything ready to come and find their Easter Baskets. P's eyes are pretty swollen in this pic. His eyes are closed...but I can tell how swollen they are. :(

The boys baskets full of goodies. Goodies that I got on clearance that is. Most of these items I got on clearance after Christmas at Target!!! What a steal!

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Andrew and Meagan said...

Being the wife of a pastor at a church plant....I just want to say "way to go Derek." We need more people willing to get there early and help set up. I'm glad you're willing to make that sacrifice too, Linds. Y'all are awesome.