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Our Crew

Friday, May 14, 2010

My sweet boy is 3!!!!!

FINALLY! I have b-day party pics from my sweet little P's birthday. As I mentioned before he had a joint party with his cousin "G". He and P are only 5 weeks apart. P has already turned 3 and G will turn 3 at the end of this month. My sister and I had a great time planning this party and doing fun, cute things to make it memorable. We had it at a neat little place called Rolly Pollies. If you ever are wondering if it is a good idea to have a party there it is!!!!! They do a GREAT job of making your party special, easy, and fun for all the kids. There is a foam pit, climbing wall, zip line, bounce house, trampoline that you run on and then bounce on this big pad, bars, balance beam, and lots of other things that I don't even know the names for. There are 3 instructors there helping the kids do things...but not in their way at all. They provide balloons on each kids chair, the paper goods, and a place for gifts. It was so great! And I think everyone had a really good time...at least I hope so. P had so much fun. However, he didn't feel great(which happened last year on his bday party day...UGH!).
Since there is NO WAY I can take the time to write what each picture is. I do want to say that 1) we got the boys shirts made from a girl on Etsy. The same girl who made M's 1st bday shirt. She is so reasonable and good. Aren't they adorable?! 2)My sister made their cupcakes. How stinkin cute are those?! They looked amazing. My nephew said "My Mom should work for Hey Cupcake!" lol! They were so yummy too! 3)The theme of the invitations was a bright colored Lion with a bday hat on. Their gift bags had (matching to the invitations) writing pad, animal pen, animal crackers, animal stickers, and a blow pop. All the bags were tied with animal print ribbon.

I have to comment on this picture. P LOVES this hat. It is WAY too small on him. It is like infant size. Lol! My Mom let us pick him out his first baseball hat and she bought it for him for his bday. It is his first Atlanta Braves hat. We went and picked it up yesterday and Derek brought P into the store. I think Derek was a proud daddy getting his son his FIRST baseball hat...and especially a Braves hat. So cute!

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sarah cantrell said...

hey girl! your boys are getting so big! So precious loved the tshirt for the party! how fun to have a bday with your cousin! Congrats on expecting again! I'm excited for you. We are hoping to have a third this year too! We will see what God says about that! Just wanted to say hello..Im totally new to the blogging world and trying to practice!! Check out my new blog...its more about mommyhood, and domestic things..not much on there but more to come...tell texas I said hello!!