Our Crew

Our Crew

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Me and My Buddy

So, as you all know P and his daddy went out of town a few weeks ago for 4 days. Leaving me and M to have some fun quality time together. I have never had just one on one time with M for that long. Usually, if I have one on one time with him it is for a couple of hours. I had decided to do nothing too adventurous that week. We pretty much stayed home and relaxed. We did go to lunch with my Mom one day, small group on Fri. night, and dinner with my parents. Then M took his naps at home and played while I checked lots of things off of my list that had been on there for quite some time. I cleaned, organized, finished M's baby book(YEAH!), and played with M. I wasn't sure how he would do not being around his brother...I wondered if he would get bored. But, he did great! He was chatty and so sweet...as always! If you asked him "where's P?" He would look all around...like P was about to walk through the door. Kinda sad!
I loved having that time with just M. It just reminded me of how easy going and precious he is. I love him so stinkin much. I kiss him all the time and can't get enough of him. It also made me realize how much I love my husband and P. I missed them like crazy and couldn't wait for my family to be all together again. Here are some pics I took of M.

I just had taken his outfit off because after I watered the flowers outside he plopped right down on the stair(where him and P sit all of the time) but it was covered with water. He didn't seem to even notice. :)

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