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Our Crew

Friday, May 28, 2010

What is Micah talking about these Days?

I have no pictures for you. :( I just need to upload the ones off my camera. Sorry...but I will do that soon enough.
I wanted to post on some of Micah's words he is saying these days. I want to do this because I purposefully went back to when Parker was Micah's age to see what he was saying at that age. So, I will probably do the same when I have another baby. Micah will be 16 months old on May 30th(2 days). Here is a list of things he says that we can understand.
-Cook(one of his first words...weird...I know.)
-Uh Oh(another 1st word)
-Hot(this one is ALWAYS paired with "cook")
-Get down(we know he is saying this, but you probably wouldn't)
-Night Night
-Bye Bye
-Sucker(I think I heard him say this one day...but I could be wrong about this one)
-aljdkjhakgjhagjhlaghejklahiudhgjabgjlhaiukghkahfdk: Let me explain...this boy jibber jabbers ALL OF THE TIME! Parker did the same thing...and it is the funniest thing ever. I seriously haven't seen a child do this as much as my kids. I am sure they do, but it is the funniest thing. Today, on the way to the pool he would not stop "talking". He kept looking out the window and pointing. My friend, Paige, was with us and we were laughing so hard. He sounds like he speaks vietamese(sp?). This probably means he is going to be a talker like Parker. Which I thought for sure Micah would not be like that. I think I am going to be wrong. He probably says other stuff too. But, I could be forgetting it or don't know that is what he says.

Parker is funny as ever. We are going through a strict pottying routine right now. He has been potty trained for a over a year now. But, he still has accidents simply because A.)he doesn't want to take the time to go or B.)He doesn't tell me or his teachers(at church). We are on day 2 and it seems to be working a little bit every day. We haven't had any accidents. This boy knows better then to go in his pants...trust me...he is just being silly. But, he says funny stuff all of the time too. Like when he gets in trouble for whining and I tell him to hush he says "I wanna talk." He also talks about crushing Goliath(David and Goliath). He is really growing up on us! Him and Micah play so well together. I am so happy because they are to the point now that if we go to the park just with us and no friends/cousins they play with each other! Before when Micah wasn't old enough to play Parker would have gotten bored. But now...he plays with his brother! Yay!

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