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Our Crew

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Undernare" and Micah's first haircut

So, we are at it again. Potty training! The first time around came to a halt due to my horrific nursing issues. We have been potty training for two weeks now. Parker is wearing undies all day(including naps) but he is in diapers at night. We tried diapers at night and he did great one night. The other nights he started waking up due to a wet bed and then he was EXHAUSTED during the day. I was advised to get him potty trained during the day and then I will tackle night time. I have no intentions of waiting very long. The minute I feel like he is doing great during daytime...I will put him in underwear at night. As soon as I can stop buying diapers(for Parker, at least), I will be happy. :)
Yup, that is right folks, Micah got his first haircut a couple of weeks ago. He is now 12 weeks old. So, he probably got it at 10 or 11 weeks. I can't remember. He wasn't a fan of the whole process but he looks like a little stud. Most cannot even tell, but I can. And I am happy. My mom cut it and it is perfect!

After the haircut and bath(yes, my boys have to get a bath after haircuts. Too much hair!)

Before haircut

Before...look at that big smile.

Whoa! Look at that rat tail!

Check out Park's new undies!

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