Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

So, these pictures are in the wrong order. The correct order is bottom to top. Sorry! Anyways, we gave the boys their Easter baskets on Saturday instead of Sunday this year. Derek has to be at Free Chapel at 6:45am on Sundays. There was NO chance of doing Easter baskets before that. Parker and Micah actually got their baskets at different times. The reason is because we are about to start potty training Parker(for good this time). My mom suggested that we should get Parker to tee tee in the potty in the mornings right when gets up the next few days before we officially start the training process. It took about an hour on Saturday for him to go. By the time he went, Micah was asleep. Just to let you all know, he has been going in the potty in the mornings right when he gets on it now. And his diapers have been so much dryer lately. I think we are getting close!!! I am proud of him!
Here are some pictures of the boys and their baskets. Those are not their real baskets...they are just fill ins for this year. Ha! I just purchased them both pottery barn baskets. Waited until after Easter for the sale.

Parker with his new drum sticks he got for Easter.

The only picture I have of us three on Easter...just an example of what our Sunday mornings are like without daddy at home.

Here is Parker taking his arm back.

Me trying to get Parker to put his arm around his brother. What am I thinking trying to take pictures of them all by myself?!

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