Our Crew

Our Crew

Monday, April 6, 2009

Just Dreaming of the day...

When...Parker and Micah play together. It will be a sweet picture. Today, I was sitting on my couch and looked up. What I saw was so sweet to me. Parker was playing by himself in the playroom. He was quiet playing with his train...just being so sweet(how many times can I use the word "sweet" in this blog?). I thought about how it will be a precious sight when I see Parker playing in the playroom and then I see sweet Micah crawl in there right next to him to play. Already Parker knows Micah is his best buddy! He talks to Micah and shows Micah things...and wants Micah to hold toys, and play peek-a-boo. I tell him that Micah loves it when he does all that. Because even though Micah doesn't show it yet, he does. :) I know, I know that they might not always get a long. But, I pray and hope that they are best buds and love each other so much! Parker is so good to Micah and has been since day 1. I am so thankful that he is so sweet to Micah because I know that it could be worse. One day I put the boys in the wagon. I laid Micah down on his back and Parker sat behind him. I told Parker to be careful of Micah's head...not to kick it. I saw Parker purposefully being cautious about where he placed his feet because Micah was right there. Ohhh...how I love these boys! Oh, how I love family. I am so thankful to God for giving me a wonderful husband, beautiful boys, a mom, dad, sister and brother who give me wisdom, and great friends. I have no pictures today...just thoughts. Happy ones!

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KelleyGreen said...

Very sweet! I was worried I'd never see that kind of thing between Connor and Max, but Max has turned a corner! Woohoo!!! He's been so sweet to Max lately :) It is GREAT!