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Our Crew

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DeAnna Niven...was lost....but now FOUND!!

So, if any of you live in B'ham you have heard about this the last couple of days. My cousin(mom's sister's daugther), DeAnna Niven, went to Walmart on Sunday evening and never came home. My aunt called my mom that evening and asked us to start praying. We did!! And so did SO many other people. This story was(and still is) all over the news. She is 16 years old...so young. Anyways...we just received good news at lunch today that the police have found Dee and she is safe! All I have to say is that our God is a good God!! As of right now, they haven't been able to see Dee yet, but they will be able to soon. I am so happy and I know that my aunt, uncle, and cousins are so happy too. Dee's older sister, Stephanie, is one of my best friends. She said that the family is "giddy"!
God is so good! And he does deliver the lost...in many ways! Thank you Jesus for what You did on the cross!

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Malone Family said...

is she home yet? What happened with all of that?