Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More of my cool cousins!

I know I blog about my nephews all the time, but we love our cousins around here. They are together all the time. And it is so fun seeing my boys have such wonderful cousins to play with. They will always be there for each other and it makes me smile!

This is how Gray and Parker(and Sam) ride Parker's police car. Check out the one shoe on Gray's foot. Parker has the other one on. Ha ha! They are Gray's shoes.

During potty training this is how Parker looks at our house all day. Shirt and undies...sometimes no undies. It is already hard keeping up with laundry much less washing undies AND shorts all the time due to accidents.

Jax, Lawson, and Aunt Kimberly came over for dinner the other night. Afterwards they all took a bath together. They had a blast!

Sweet Lawson...he is so happy all the time!

All three of the boys. I don't have a picture of Jax looking at me. He was into the toys.

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