Our Crew

Our Crew

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Papa K and Mama Lynn came to visit this weekend and it was so fun! Parker loved having both of them here to spoil him. He constantly said "Come on K!" or "Come on Mama Lynn!" When they visit we eat a lot and Parker gets on a sugar high. That is ok with us because it is a special time for him. Micah just did his normal routine. :) Derek and I will see all of The Mills side of the family at the end of May. We are going on a cruise with them without the boys. I will miss the boys a ton but I am not going to lie...I am SUPER excited about going on my first cruise and spending some time with Derek. Derek and I are flying into Orlando early and going to a park there(not sure which one yet) and then driving to where the cruise the docks.

Check out that sweet smile!! I cannot believe I didn't get any pictures of Parker with Mama Lynn and Papa K! Crazy!

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Jules said...

Call me when you come to Orlando, I'd love to see you!!!