Our Crew

Our Crew

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Ok...I REALLY see the difference in my boys. Meaning, the way Micah looks compared to Parker at his age. Everyone says he looks just like Parker. I hate to break it to you, but there are lots of features that Micah has that Parker does or did not have at that age. Micah favors me more. And Parker favored Derek more(and still does). Now, from your point of view I can understand why all of you think that they favor each other. And the pictures below are the reason why you all think that! Wow! It kinda creeps me out that when I look at pictures of Parker as a newborn I get this feeling inside of me that says "awww...look at Micah!". OH MY WORD! That is NOT Micah it is Parker! I never ever would have said this was possible 4 months ago when I just had Parker. Anyways, although these pictures prove your point on Micah looking like Parker. If you looked at both of them from our(mommy and daddy's)perspective then you would see something different. I promise!! ha ha!

Micah at 8 weeks 1 day old.
Parker at 6 days shy of 8 weeks old.

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