Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

About to be one and officially weaned! Such a big boy!

Yup!! That is right! Parker is officially weaned. It took about three weeks(felt like 12). His last feeding was Friday and he has been great with it. I wanted to post a picture of Parker celebrating but I do not have any time. Derek and I are currently keeping my sister's three oldest boys plus Parker until tomorrow. Then we get home tomorrow night and Derek's family is flying in Thursday at lunch. They will be here until Sunday. We also have the first preview service for Free Chapel on Sunday. Right now, our schedule is crazy!!! We are celebrating Parker's first birthday this week with Derek's family and next week with my family. I will post pictures of his birthday invitations that I made. Okkk...the celebration has begun...Happy Birthday Parker Poo!!

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Baby Huffstetler said...

Happy Birthday Parker! I need to see some pictures. I miss you Lindsey!!!