Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Parker LOVES family!

Derek's family came in town this last week to visit and to celebrate Parker's FIRST birthday. We had a blast! We were so sad to see them go. Hopefully they will visit again soon.

Dad,Parker, and Mom

Mama Lynn, Papa K, and Parker

Great Papa(we call him Papa) and Parker touching the deer's nose.

Audrey Grace(who LOVES Parker and talks about him all the time) getting really excited about touching the deer, Parker, and Papa.

Parker and Audrey Grace

Mom and Parker

Sweet Audrey Grace. She is adorable!!

The whole fam(Papa, Aunt Bonnie, Audrey Grace, Papa K, Mama Lynn, Dad, Aunt Lindsey, Mom, and Parker). We went to this resturant called The Oasis. It is on the lake and the view is unbelievable. You feel like you are on the beach. This picture does not do it justice at all. We live about 5 minutes from here.

How cute is he??

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