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Our Crew

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weaning...not fun!

Well, let's just say it hasn't been easy weaning Parker from nursing. I guess I don't truly know how hard it has been because I have nothing to compare it to. But, compared to a normal day with Parker the last couple of weeks have definitely been different. Parker is so stinkin' good almost all the time. I am serious! I am not just a bragging mom...he really is so good(he takes after his dad...laid back). But since I have been weaning him he has been way more moody. I am not used to a fussy, moody, irritable baby. I am used to an easy, happy, laid back, go with the flow baby. AND I want him back!! Ha ha! I know I will get him back...and I understand after getting advice from my sister and a few of my friends that he will come back. But right now this is how he is reacting to this whole process. I know this is best for him and for me. I just have to keep reminding myself that I am the parent and I know what is best...and this will pass. He will soon forget that he ever nursed(which is sad, because I will never ever forget how special this whole year has been to me and all our special moments when I nursed him).
Anyways, Derek and I have started giving him soy milk because we did wonder if whole milk was bothering his belly. Today was the first day of soy milk and he actually drank more of it then he did the whole milk. He got to the point where he would push the sippy cup away that had milk in it. He has done much better with the soy milk, but we will see. We just tried giving it to him this afternoon. I continue to pray for wisdom and guidance on how to be a good parent and help him through this. This week we will eliminate the evening feeding. Pray, pray, pray!! Thanks!!


Jenifer said...

Hey girl, I am praying for you and for little parker :) I could not nurse so my situation was alittle different but this may help some.... Aubrey did not like the taste of whole milk so some friends of ours gave us the idea of giving her 6oz. formula mixed with 2oz. whole milk and let her have that for a week and then the next week doing 4oz. formula 4oz. milk... so although it took us a month to get her totally on whole milk it was less of a fight and she didn't even know what was going on :) Thought you may want to try that.... I hope yall are doing good! I love being able to keep up with yall on here!!!

oh amanda said...

Lindsey! I haven't commented in awhile but I'm still here! So glad you guys are all in Austin together!

Parker will get the hang of weaning soon. I ended up going 14 months w/Lydia, we just kept stretching out the time b/w nursing sessions and then eventually it was just once a day. Finally, she forgot about it and didn't ask anymore...