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Our Crew

Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

Here is our sweet baby the first couple of days into this world. Here is the deal...today is my FIRST son's FIRST birthday so I have done a lot of reflecting, needless to say. Last night as Derek and I were going to bed I reflected on what we were doing the night before we had Parker. I remember discussing that it was no longer going to be just the two of us. We couldn't wait! Today, several times, I would look at the clock and remember what I was doing during that time of the day a year ago. I have an unbelievable memory so I can capture it in my mind like it was yesterday. Parker has been more of a blessing in our lives then we ever imagined. I will have to say, Derek and I were ready for a baby. We weren't scared, we were ready(I had random freak out moments during pregnancy...who doesn't?). Parker has been so good about EVERYTHING(nursing, sleeping, attitude, eating, etc.) that I just pray that my other babies are as good as him. Either way, we are going to love them the same. Sometimes I look at Derek and I say, "how do our friends who are married not have kids? They are the BEST and SO FUN!". Ha!
So, a year ago I welcomed this amazing, beautiful, little boy into our lives. And now I watch him take 5, 6, 7, steps at a time. I watch him smile and laugh all the time. I know him better than anyone else knows him. He looks at me and I just know that he loves me. Same for Derek...it is different though...it is totally a father son kind of love that is so wonderful. He naps great, eats great, is totally weaned, and is so happy. This ended up being way longer than I thought it was going to be. Although, when it comes to talking about the joy Parker has brought into our lives I could write and write and write and write.
We love you Parker!! Happy first birthday little buddy!!

Parker and his first birthday cupcake from Aunt Kimberly and Uncle Wade. She brought it the hospital the day or the day after he was born.

BIG YAWN!! We were at the hospital...he was dressed and ready to go home.

The day he was born. Swaddled and snoozing.
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His first bath given by Mama Don. Look at his little bandaid on his heel. Awww...sad!


Meagan Brown said...

Happy Birthday, Parker! Linds-I can't believe it's been almost one whole year since James and I were able to meet Mr. Parker and see you and Derek. I miss you!!!!! We need to catch up soon! Love you Mills family!!!!!!

Meagan Brown said...
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Jules said...

Happy Birthday Parker...eventhough you don't know me, I have been reading all about you for sometime now!

MOM, it is so great to join this whole blog thing...hopefully we can stay in touch better now!