Our Crew

Our Crew

Thursday, April 10, 2008

What?! Ha ha ha

Don't we all go through times when we find our kids in certain places or sleeping in certain positions that just make us laugh and say "What in the world?" Well, here are some of those moments in our house.

We just now started putting Parker's crib blanket in the bed with him. He now sleeps on top of it, but at this time Derek had moved it to one side of the crib and layed Parker down on the other side. When I went upstairs to check on him this is what I found. It is hard to see but he layed his head on the blanket almost like it was a pillow. It was just so funny seeing him laying like that because he looked so much like a big boy in a big boy bed.


Playing in the laundry room is so fun for Parker. And what is funny is that he loves playing with his jump n go on the ground. Derek put him in it the other day and he LOVED it. Which is hilarious! And something that is great for me when I am cooking.
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This is where Parker is almost anytime I am on the computer. The second he sees me over here he crawls on over and gets right underneath the desk and plays. He has gotten in trouble many times because of messing with something he shouldn't. Today, I finally just let him play in the drawer while I blogged. Ha ha! Oh well, he loved it.

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