Our Crew

Our Crew

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Different Days

Random Title huh? I didn't know what to put...and when I have different pictures up of different things sometimes I really don't know what to title this entry. So, different days is perfect! Because these pictures were taken at different times on different days.
Last Saturday Derek and Wade did not have a job. Can you believe it? Last week, actually was not so busy. BUT this week is definitely making up for it. Derek is out of town right now to Dallas on a move that he has to stay overnight for. And Wade drove 23 hours to New Orleans and back for a 45 minute unload on Monday. Crazy huh? Saturday was so much fun. We decided to go to Zilker park with Wade, Kimberly and the boys. Jax LOVES trains and as I have mentioned before Zilker has the cutest train that you can ride for soooo cheap. And there is a play ground there and a natural springs that people swim in. Derek has never been before so we packed up a cooler and headed that way. It was hot and packed! But we had a great time! The boys almost fell asleep on the train ride because it is so nice and relaxing! After we got home from the park and took naps Derek and I took Parker to the pool. We were only there for 45 minutes but it was great. Then we went to dinner. It is not very often where Derek is home all day. Even on Sundays we have church and then he usually goes into work for something.

Parker swinging at Zilker Park.

Lawson swinging. Sweet!

Parker in his bathing suit. This bathing suit is a little too big, but the other one is too tight on his belly(I think). I love how this bathing suit goes down to his ankles. Ha ha!

Playing with his train that he loves.

I bought Parker new bedding for his bed last week!!! We are going to put Parker in his big boy bed in December. He will be 20 months old. We are doing this because #1 I am NOT buying another crib for such a short period of time. #2 We will be moving(hopefully) in January and I don't want to introduce him to a new bed and new house at the same time and #3 because Micah will be coming at the beginning of Feb. at the latest...so he needs the crib. Anyways, I actually had queen size bedding on the twin bed in his room and it was not for a little boy at all. This bedding was on sale at Target and I loved it! We bought this bed before we left B'ham for a great deal at a garage sale specifically for Parker. Yay!

Taking a bath. I need to cut his hair in the back...it is getting too long. Derek loves it! :) I do too...just not when I can put it in a ponytail practically.


Lisa Michelle Turner said...

I love the new bedding. Please put his hair in a poneytail, haha!! He's getting so big!

Meagan Brown said...

Have you noticed that Parker has a badonkadonk? I'm sure you have! He's so precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!