Our Crew

Our Crew

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Food Food Everywhere!

Yum! Mac and Cheese!

Okkkk sooo I had NO idea that red beans and rice would be so messy! Let's just say after this meal...I will not let him feed himself red beans and rice until he is 10 years old!!!! :)

It was in his hair, on his eye lid, in his ear, belly, floor....everywhere!

Ok...this is not about food BUT he gets himself stuck in these positions all the time because he loves to climb onto things and stand on them. Things that you don't stand on..like his walker(first of all why is even playing with his walker when he can WALK?), upside down bins, riding toys, drum, tables, chairs, etc.

We went to a birthday party that was luau theme and they gave us lays(sp?) to put around your neck. Parker loved them! Wore his all night. I put them in his toy bin and for the next couple of days after the party he would walk up to me with one on his neck. Until, he tore it apart. Then he walked around with one stuck to his feet and between his toes. Look at his feet in this picture. Yah..didn't really bother him. Ha ha ha

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