Our Crew

Our Crew

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Here are some special pictures of Parker during his every day life as a 16 month old. Enjoy!

Parker is trying to snap like Mom in this picture.

Look at those muscles! :)

Since we found out yesterday that Parker is going have a little brother I wanted to buy him a treat! We don't buy Parker toys unless it is a special occasion(Christmas, birthday, etc.). I am not going to be the parent who always gets him a toy every time we turn around. He has plenty!!! Anyways, he loves music so we bought him a drum and xylophone(sp???). He loves it! LOVES it!

Whew! Taking a break for some juice! Playing these instruments makes him thirsty! Ha!

Derek showed Parker how to stick out his tongue on this day. We were cracking up! Probably shouldn't be happy about this...but he doesn't know sticking out your tongue can be mean.

Ohhhhh his favorite place to hang out. The stairs...by the window.

Looking out the window.

Just thought I would let you get a peek of what he looks at...well, on this day not much. But other days, the yard men, kids on their skate boards, and people driving by.

Mom and Parker

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