Our Crew

Our Crew

Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer Days

Summer days in Austin are HOT. So far, what I have experienced and heard is that the weather is great from March until May...then is ridiculously hot...then from about September until December it is wonderful. I am waiting for that "wonderful weather" that everyone talks about, because right now, it is not so wonderful. Granted, Ashley and Kimberly tell me that it is not as hot as I think it is and that I think this way because I am preggo. Maybe so. Parker still takes two naps a day, and right now he LOVES to play with his toys. We are home a lot. And I enjoy it. Right now, with it being so hot, at home he mainly wears a t-shirt and diaper.

This picture I took this morning. He laughs and smiles so big when I get the camera out.

Here he is looking for the yard man. He heard the leaf blower guy and was looking everywhere for him. So, he plopped down on our stairs(with camera case around his neck..a "toy" that he loves) and picked up the blinds so he could find him. Soooo cute!

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