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Our Crew

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blue Eyed and Brown Eyed Boys!

Derek has been working day and night since Thursday. Today is Sunday(it is 8:42pm) and he is working right now. I have been home A LOT since Thursday. What is funny is that I have been busy doing lots of fun stuff like playdates, and music class with Parker, and hanging out with my parents for the last few weeks. But, it all stopped when Thursday came around. My friend who I do a playdate with about once a week or so is about to have a baby and her husband, who travels, is home until she has the baby so she is busy. My mom and dad are in B'ham. And Derek was gone! So, I took LOTS of pictures and the boys and I had lots of time together around the house. Right now, with Micah only being 8 weeks old it is hard to get out of the house for long periods of time.
Both of the boys had firsts this week. Actually, on the same day. We really want to teach Parker how to swim as soon as possible. I know he is young, but if we can teach him this summer we will(both of my oldest nephews were swimming at the age of 2 without any floaties!). If not, no sweat! But we want to get him ready for it. Anyways, a friend of ours who used to teach swim lessons said that we need to start by teaching him how to blow bubbles in the water and kicking. We have a big bath tub that can get pretty deep. The other day I blew bubbles in the water and asked him to try and he did it!!! No sweat! He also completely dunks his face in the water and knows how to hold his breath. I am very proud of him and look forward to the summer. He loves swimming and is not scared of the water at all. It will be fun!!
Micah, who just turned 8 weeks old on Friday rolled over!!! I cannot believe it! I do not think Parker rolled over this early...but I could be wrong. He rolled from his belly to his back four times! 3 times in one day...and then he did it again today. I am definitely going to give him more belly time because he has really seemed to enjoy it lately. He sleeps on his belly, so he is really good at holding his head up for long periods of time. He rolled over for the first time when Derek walked out of the room. I told Derek and then he did it again! When does that ever happen?! We are so proud of our boys. They are hitting milestones...and it is fun to see it happen. Here are pictures from the week.

Micah and me after Micah's bath. Parker was asleep and Derek was at work. Just having some special time together.

Sweet smile

I think I am going to have to get Micah's haircut soon. It is out of control! This is the same age Parker got his cut for the first time. I don't want to, but I was combing it tonight and it looked like a girls hair in the back because it is so long!

Cool camo socks from Aunt Ashley. Used to be Grays.

My brown eyed boy! Sent Mama Don a text message yesterday that said: "Hey Don! I was wondering if I could schedule a hair appt. for Wed. at 10:00am. Meet you at the highchair. Oh...Micah Moo needs one too. Could you pencil him in? Love you and Miss you! Love, Park" Obviously, Parker's hair is getting a little too long. He says his eyes burn because his hair gets in them. Oops!

My baby has blue eyes...just like his mama!

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