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Our Crew

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Potty T-R-A-I-N-I-N-G really means TRAINING!!

Yup! I am potty training Parker. Am I crazy or what?! My sister started potty training Gray(who is 5 weeks younger than Parker) a week and a half ago. Gray has shown interest for a while now so she said "lets do it!" She tried talking me into doing it with Parker and I was like "No Way!" Obviously I didn't mean it or else I wouldn't be doing it right now!!! :) My sister is so stinkin influential in my life. Ha! Actually, Parker started showing the same kind of interest as Gray was. Example: COMPLETELY stripped down(shirt, pants, and diaper...yes he can do it himself) and said "tee tee tee tee!" until I took him to the potty. THEN started wiping himself. All of this was in front my sister and cousin. We, then, felt like he was screaming to the best of his ability "POTTY TRAIN ME!". Because the boys are so young(Parker 22 months, Gray 21 months) we understand it is going to be a longer process. But, Ashley had a good point. We are still using less diapers. The only time Parker wears diapers is naptime, bedtime, and if we go run errands. Today is day 3 and Parker has tee teed in the potty once and pooped. Both of those times were by accident. Ha! But that is what happens when you have your toddler sit on the potty thirty MILLION times a day!! He has had MANY tee tee accidents on the floor. THANK goodness for hardwoods. I don't think he understands the urge yet...but that is what the word "training" is for. We train them to understand it. The hardest part of it all is nursing for 20 min. every 3 hours 15 min.
Today, I kept Gray and Sam so Ashley could run some errands. Wow! I only took underwear on and off non stop. I wiped up tee tee like crazy! And I was constantly sitting by the potty making up songs about bodily functions. What a morning!!!

Parker on his potty. And yes, he is sitting backwards. If you know anything about boys and going potty you will know why I have him sitting backwards. If not...don't worry about it!

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KelleyGreen said...

Whoa...you are brave for sure! Good luck with potty training :) I was not the biggest fan of the process, but it's all part of it I guess.