Our Crew

Our Crew

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lets see if this works...

I am SO happy this worked! I only waited FOREVER for it to download. I tried to download another one that is so funny of Parker pretend talking on the phone but it was too long. Anyways...here is Micah cooing at me. It is so cute. And you can hear Parker say "Hey Mommy!". That is him pretending to be on the phone. He put the phone up to Micah's ear. Parker also says something about baby....which is Micah. He calls Micah, Micah and baby. At the end Parker says "Love you!". Sorry the video is so dark...and I turn in the other way. Oh well...I know Derek's family will appreciate this! Enjoy!

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The Burns Crew said...

I love the video! All i could do was cry---that was so sweet!!!!I wish we could have come to see yall
we were so excited--and can you believe that darrell was actually gonna leave the state of GA!!!
Hope we will see yall soon!! First we have to get PaPa all better 'cause he wants to see yall too!! We love all of you!!