Our Crew

Our Crew

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Parker and his creativity

Parker's imagination has really started to kick in the last couple of weeks. Along with many other things like vocab, skills, etc. Here are some pictures of him being silly and us following through with some of his ideas. For instance, Derek and I will sometimes let Parker sit in his tonka truck and then we will push him up and down the hallway. Yesterday he pushed the tonka truck to Micah, held out his arms and said "get in". Meaning, I am going to pick up Micah and put him in the truck. So, I told him to go get a blanket and I would put Micah in it. That is what we did. However, Parker wanted to push Micah around and I had to put a stop to that quickly. I didn't want little Micah falling out. Maybe when he is older...just not right now. Ha!
In the other pictures he is helping me cook. I put two towels on the kitchen floor and let Parker help me put the cheese and pepperoni on the pizza. A little while later he decided he was going to watch for the pizza and be prepared for when it was ready to come out of the oven. That would be why he has the glove on his hand. He is so funny and fun these days.

Yesterday we came home from Aunt Ashley's house right around lunch time. Parker wanted to watch Imagination Movers(that is all he will watch on tv and he wants to watch it EVERY time the tv is on) so I put him on the couch while I got lunch ready. A friend of mine called and while I was on the phone Parker fell asleep on the couch!! He NEVER does this!! I don't know what happened, but I guess he got really relaxed and it was about an hour away from nap time so he was tired. I put him in his bed and he went straight to sleep. Side note: How cute are his shoes?! I got them at Target just the other day.

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