Our Crew

Our Crew

Friday, March 20, 2009

We love our Papa...and miss our "Don"

Right now my parents are living with us. My mom is back and forth from B'ham, but my dad is here permanently. When my mom is here she is Parker's permanent playmate. Parker will NOT leave her alone. And he calls her "don". He will not call her Mama Don. And he says "Don" thirty million times in a row just to say it. We miss her! She is coming back in a week. Yay!!
Parker and Micah also love their Papa. Many times a week my dad comes home and takes Parker outside to play. Which I love because it is during the busiest time of the day for me and Derek is usually not home. He also holds Micah for me when I am cooking or after bath or whenever I need it. Which is WONDERFUL! But, the sweetest part of it all is that every morning he leaves Parker a piece of gum(sugarless..ha) on his nightstand. Parker is not usually awake when he goes to work. What is funny is for a while I didn't even know that he did that. But, Parker knew it. It was like an understanding they had. All the boys know that Papa always has gum. And they usually figure out where he puts it.

Parker with his gum at 8:30 this morning.

Papa and Micah. He undressed Micah for me because I was about to bathe him. :)

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Jenifer said...

That is funny... Aubrey will not call my mom Momma Dee she just calls her "Dee"