Our Crew

Our Crew

Friday, March 20, 2009

I love these people!

Here are two families that I love so so so much! My sister, Ashley, and her family. And my brother, Wade, and his family. Wade and Kimberly are expecting another sweet baby the first week of July. They are NOT finding on what they are having so it will be a fun surprise!! My siblings and their families are such a blessing in my life and my kids lives. I LOVE that we all live next to eachother and that our kids get to all grow up together. Today, for instance, we spent most of the day with my sister and two of her boys. Then tonight we spent the evening with Kimberly and her boys. It was so fun! I, also, wish I had a picture of my parents. But, I don't have one on this computer. I do on my other one. When they officially live here it will all be so perfect!

Wade, Jax, Kimberly, Lawson.

Jeremy, Ashley, Gray, Sam, Blake, Tyler

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