Our Crew

Our Crew

Friday, March 20, 2009

Micah's many faces

Here are pictures of Micah that I took because I was trying to get a smile caught on camera. Well, it didn't work! The reason he has his mouth open in almost all of these is because I will tickle his chin or his lip to get him to "talk" to me or smile. I was never able to get a smile. But, I was able to get some of him getting frustrated with me. Ha! :) He is so sweet!

He just had a bath. I combed his hair to the side instead of in a mohawk. He looks like a little boy!

I had this gown monogrammed for Micah's take home from the hospital outfit. I soon realized it was going to be way to big. So, he can wear it now! It is still too big on him...but I really like it!

frustrated with his crazy hair. Ha ha!

Almost smiling...

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Kristy said...

It is amazing ho much he looks like Parker!