Our Crew

Our Crew

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Stepanie" came to visit!

Wow! I haven't posted in a while. Well, my cousin and one of my best friends, Stephanie(Parker calls her STEPanie), came for a short visit. It was so fun and I enjoyed the company. Especially since I am really working on staying home a lot to keep Micah on a good schedule. Parker also enjoyed her!! I wish she didn't have to leave. I am trying to talk her into moving here. That would be wonderful! She is so easy and totally understands that I have babies that are on schedules. Praise the Lord for friends like that(my good friend Abby is the same way when she visits). It puts me at ease rather than feeling stressed.
Micah is going to be 6 weeks old this coming Friday. He is so sweet and wonderful! My sister has let me know, however, that Micah is more of a normal baby. Whereas Parker set the bar high. Parker just fell right into a perfect schedule the minute he came out of the womb. He hardly ever cried or anything! When I would lay him down he went to sleep, not a peep! Micah, is different. Ha! But that is ok...he is still really good. He is a great nurser, hardly ever spits up, and sleeps good most of the time but especially at night. On Saturday he went from 10-6 in between feedings. I was SO excited hoping that he would do the same thing the next night. He didn't! Sundays are harder days for him because of church. He gets way off schedule. I prayed again that he would do it on Monday and he went from 10-4. I am still happy with that. Last night he went 10:30-5:30. I now know he can do it! And I think(and pray) that he continues this schedule and hopefully even goes longer. I seem to compare Micah and Parker a lot for which I need to stop. Parker was a great baby and Micah IS a great baby. He has started to smile at me and I have even heard a few "coos" which I LOVE and think it is so sweet! Parker acts like Micah has always been here. He doesn't really like Micah phase him. Here are some pics from the last two weeks.

Daddy and Micah snoozing.

Steph and Micah. Steph looks great in this picture!

Micah and Parker.

Micah looking so sweet in his little gown. In Austin you would almost NEVER see a little boy wearing a gown. But I don't care! I love it!!

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